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Sailor Moon ©1992 Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha, TOEI Animation. English Adaptation ©1995 DiC Entertainment.

The Sailor Moon Rainbow Crystal Summary Page

Spinning Crystal Animation
May 2010: This is only a "Yes I'm alive" quick update. I'm still leaving this page untouched as it's been for the last 8 years (back when sites that looked this bad were actually "cool" haha). The facelift is coming... eventually.

Welcome to the Sailor Moon Rainbow Crystal Summary Page, which features the seven Rainbow Crystals, including their respective carriers and shadow warriors. All graphics were created by me, including the "Crystal Spinning Animation". (Sounds like something the Sailor Scouts would shout.) The images you'll see on this page were all pulled from episodes 21-30 (25-35). It's short, but it gives you the complete synopsis on the crystals, their carriers, and the warriors.

You are allowed to take any graphic for your own personal use. However, I do not want to see this site "mirrored", stolen, or plagiarized, either in part or in full. Thanks for your cooperation.

What I truly love about the Rainbow Crystal saga is that each involved episode is very symbolic, and that the villians attempt to capture each crystal in the natural spectrum order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. (You can also use the mnemonic ROY G BIV to remember the order.) You can also see that they respect this order in the Sailor Moon opening, when the 7 Shadows are locked into a Rainbow Crystal and sent off to Earth's atmosphere, also in the spectral order! This page will follow that tradition as well.
In American Episode 21 (25 in Japan), we enter a series of 10 episodes that deal with the Rainbow Crystals. After the 7 main episodes where each color is introduced, there are 3 more dealing with the cystals, with the goodies and baddies fighting it out, until at the last possible moment, Sailor Moon makes the Rainbow Crystals (nijizuishou) form into the Silver Emperium Crystal (maboroshi no ginzuishou), shown at the bottom of this page.

Game Machine Joe
Episode featured: 21 (25)
Crystal Victim: "Game-Machine" Joe
(Japanese Name: Crane akido no joe)
Special Ability: Telekinesis
Shadow Warrior: Game Machine Man
(Japanese Name: Gesen)
Game Machine Man
The Priest
Episode featured: 22 (26)
Crystal Victim: The Priest
Special Ability: Advice?
Shadow Warrior: Bo Bo the Vulture
(Japanese Name: Bokushi)
Bo Bo
Greg (Urawa)
Episode featured: 23 (27)
Crystal Victim: Greg
(Japanese Name: Ryo Urawa)
Special Ability: Predicts future
Shadow Warrior: Bumboo
(Japanese Name: Bunpo)
Peggy Jones
Episode featured: 24 (28)
Crystal Victim: Peggy Jones
(Japanese Name: Yumeno Yumeni)
Special Ability: Artist
Shadow Warrior: Veena
(Japanese Name: Bina)
Rita Blake (Reika)
Episode featured: 25 (29)
Crystal Victim: Rita Blake
(Japanese Name: Reika)
Special Ability: Archeologist?
Shadow Warrior: Techniclon
(Japanese Name: Rikoukeidaa)
Grandpa Hino
Episode featured: 26 (30)
Crystal Victim: "Grandpa" Hino
Special Ability: No Comment ^_^
Shadow Warrior: Pox
(Japanese Name: Jiji)
Episode featured: 27 (31)
Crystal Victim: Hercules
(Japanese Name: Rhett Butler)
Special Ability: "Superhero" Cat
Shadow Warrior: Akan
(Japanese Name: Bakene)

The 7 Rainbow crystals become... = The Imperium Silver Crystal!


The entire unfolding of the Seven Shadows plot in the anime version was just to fill up airtime on the series. There is apparently a contradiction on whether the crystal was first used to send the scouts to the present day, or if it was used to lock away the seven shadows, which both happened in a flashback in Episode 31 (35). For those of you who read the manga, you know that the Imperium Silver Crystal (maboroshi no ginzuishou) came directly from Sailor Moon's tear, rather than the seven crystals forming to become one. Thanks to Ken Arromdee's Sailor Moon FAQ for this tidbit.

This page was updated as of May 10, 2010. Version 2.52. ©1998-2010 Joey Kincer
Freeze-frames courtesy of UPN Network and DiC Entertainment ©1995-2002
American warrior names from Kodansha LTD's American Book "Sailor Moon: Friends and Foes" ©1995
Japanese names courtesy of the Sailor Moon FAQ by Ken Arromdee ©1995-2001