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JH Logo - Click to Enter Joey's Homepage The core of resides in this area, which is overall general information about the webmaster. You will find interesting tidbits that have been long-standing traditional staples on this site, including:

2005 Summer Roadtrip
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Half-Note Transcriptions
Click here for music transcription services, including transposition, arrangements, and pro recording.
Polar Horizons
Click here for advanced web design, graphics, and Flash® multimedia interactive services.
Hybrid Solutions
Click here for computer services such as repair, maintenence, upgrades, and troubleshooting.
Joey's Mega Man Corner
This dedicated blue bomber shrine features action figures, music, collectibles, and more. JMMC
Anime Arena
AAVarious different anime shrines and information are listed here from many popular series.
 Social network madness! isn't the only place you can find me. I'm also on Facebook so you can pick up the latest there. Check it out y'all.
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