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All right. Before you look at this page all perplexed and clamor a "WTF?" let me explain. We all know most guys out there usually have some sort of "list" depicting their lifetime celebrity crushes, although most keep it in a mental state. Being the nerd I am, of course I have to go and create a web page about it. And why not? It's just one of those fun things to have in life.

I call this the Dream Team page, for obvious reasons. I began this list in 1993, and over twelve years it accumulated eight candidates. That's when I aged enough to realize that this list is pretty silly so it's now retired and I quit adding to it. But hey it's fun to leave up indefinitely so I can look back, point at myself and laugh.

So the way this works, these are NOT ordered by preference. They're in the chronological order I had my "phase" with them. I don't follow any of them anymore, but the rule I set long ago is that once you make the list, you don't come off, no matter how badly you screw up.

I doubt that everyone will 100% agree with my picks, and that's OK, but you don't need to e-mail me saying that (insert name here) is a slut or they're stupid or whatever, because 1) their reputation may have changed since the time I added them, and 2) everyone has their personal opinion but voicing yours won't make any difference to me. Anyway, on to the list...

Christina Applegate
I thought of Christina as a major hottie for a long time after seeing her in Married...With Children, as well as in the Dead Babysitter movie in the early 1990s. She was the blonde craze of my life for a while, until the next set of candidates moved in.

Autograph Status: Possession of the perfect autographed 8x10 color picture.
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