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Updated: August 2018    
Video games have always been a part of my life at one point or another. In 1982 I started out with the classic Coleco Vision and Atari 2600 consoles (still in the closet). My video game loyalty really took off Christmas of 1987 after receiving the 8-bit NES from Nintendo. After years of buying and selling, I have acquired over 250 games for multiple systems. And about half of them are still factory sealed, appreciating in value every year.

These days with those pesky adult responsibilites, the video game hobby has taken a back seat. I continue to be a collector more than anything. It's a good investment as many of these sealed games have appreciated in value. If I ever want to actually play the game, I'd buy a used copy, beat it, sell it, keep the sealed one intact. Boom.

My favorite stuff has always been the side-scrolling platform games (i.e. Super Mario Bros., Castlevania, Mega Man, Sonic Hedgehog, etc.) All these first person games on PlayStation and Xbox just doesn't do much for me. That doesn't mean I never play those games. (The recent Mario and Zelda games on Nintendo Switch are a notable exception) but offered the choice, give me the stuff I grew up on.

My website contains a comprehensive list of games I've collected so far (excluding Atari/Coleco games). Sometimes there's a small wish list of games, some of which may be currently unreleased (or discontinued if I waited too long).

As the video landscape has slowly changed from physical format to digital or streaming, I still buy physical carts whenever possible, only resorting to digital if that's the only choice. I know that's the future, but maybe I'm just too old school to take the full leap.
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